How to View Saved Videos in Content Warning

1. Use the save Video Option

After posting a video to SpookTube, the simplest way to locate your recorded videos under Content Warning is to choose the Save Video to Desktop option. After letting the whole SpookTube video play, choose the option. The recorded file will be saved to your desktop as a result.

2. By Use the F3 Key

When you can post the video to SpookTube, the aforementioned procedure comes in handy. You are unable to save Content Warning to the desktop, though, as it occasionally encounters the failed to extract issue. All you have to do in this situation is hit the F3 key in close proximity to the video extractor.

3. Navigate Using the File Explorer

The following procedures can be used to travel to the record folder in order to see a previously recorded video:

1- To launch Run, press the Wind0ws + R buttons. In the search field, type appdata and hit Enter.
2- Next, locate and open the Temp folder. Locate and open the rec folder now.
3- There are several folders located here. There will be distinct saved recordings in each folder.

By pasting the address below into your file explorer bar, you can go directly to it. Make sure you enter your profile’s real username in place of .


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