How to Fix the Low FPS Issue in Dragon’s Dogma 2

Although Dragon’s Dogma 2 is an excellent game, it has drawn a lot of criticism due to its poor performance and additional microtransactions. Although Capcom is searching for a solution, it is unlikely that one will be found very soon. Fortunately, the Dragon’s Dogma 2 community has developed a workaround that will resolve the DD2 FPS problem on your computer in the interim.

Mods for Dragon’s Dogma 2 FPS Fixing

For frame generation, DLSS upscaling has been included to Dragon’s Dogma 2. Reports state that DLSS was not correctly enabled in the game, though. Thus, the DD2 modding community devised a way to address the DLSS in Dragon’s Dogma 2 and greatly boost the game’s frame rate. Installing the aforementioned mods and turning on DLSS in the settings are all that are required. However, because this mod is for DLSS3, it will only benefit gamers using GPUs from the RTX 40 series.
To fix Dragon’s Dogma 2’s DLSS frame generation, add the following mods:

Dragon’s Dogma 2: Installing the DLSS Frame Generation Mods

The mods are quite easy to install, and here’s how to make it happen:
1- Launch Steam first, then choose Library. To access Local Files, right-click on Dragon’s Dogma 2, choose Manage, and then click on it. This will cause Dragon’s Dogma 2’s installation folder to open.
2- Now, transfer the nvngx_dlss.dll file to the place where you obtained the Nvidia DLSS mod. In the installation folder, paste it. When asked, choose “Replace the file in this destination.”

3- Replace the sl.interposer.dll file in the DD2 installation folder after doing the same for the file inside the DLSS3 Enabler mod folder.
4- Launch the game now, then select Options.
5- After choosing Graphics, make sure that DLSS Super Resolution is set to Quality and DLSS NVIDIA Reflex Low Latency is turned on.

6- Try the game and you should notice a significant increase in first person shooter speed, particularly in urban areas.
That concludes the matter. Don’t forget to make a backup of the original DLSS files before you replace them. Precaution is always preferable to regret. Please let us know if the aforementioned mods resolved your PC’s performance issues and what new frame rate you are experiencing as a result of installing them.

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