Top online Games in 2024

1- Subway Surfers :

As a street artist in Subway Surfer, you must escape a police officer and his dog by making your way through the subway system. To gather as many coins as you can for as long as you can is the aim. It’s easier said than done, though, as the harder you run, the harder it becomes.

2- Who is? :

Who Is? is, as its name suggests, a situation-guessing game. You are shown a variety of scenarios involving persons who are lying. It is up to the player to determine who is lying and discover the truth.

3- Stick Merge :

In Stick Merge, your job as a stick person is to destroy as many opponents as you can on a battlefield. You begin with a basic handgun and progressively improve it by combining two firearms to create a more powerful one.

4- Temple Run 2 :

In the endless runner Temple Run 2, you control an adventurer who is being pursued by monsters as they try to flee a palace. You steer the curves to keep them from running into any walls.
The game gets harder as the speed increases, same like in Subway Surfer. It’s one of those games that helped to define mobile gaming.

5- Murder :

You have to remove the monarch and take the throne for yourself in this easy game. It is played similarly to the classic Japanese Daruma game.

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