How to go to Dragon’s Dogma 2’s Nameless Village

Determining the true identity of the imposter Sovran is one of the main goals in Dragon’s Dogma 2, which will assist you prove that you are the true Arisen. Though not everything in the Nameless Village is as it seems, there is one clue that can help you figure this out buried there. Naturally, the first step will be to arrive in this modest little village. These are some better routes to the Nameless Village if you’re getting lost attempting to get there.

How to find the Nameless Village :

Upon accepting the quest from Brant, a waypoint will be marked on your map towards the eastern region. Proceed in that direction until you reach the designated exploration zone. While navigating, you’ll encounter a major obstruction along the main road—a large heap of boulders, prompting you to divert through the forest via a side path

After bypassing or engaging in combat with hostile creatures, you’ll reconnect with the main path and proceed directly into the village for investigation. While the mansion atop the hill serves as your primary destination, the crucial location to acquire the necessary information lies concealed beneath the mansion, accessible through a hole. Descend through it and navigate through a small platforming challenge to unveil the secrets surrounding the peculiar village and the impostor Sovran

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