Guide : Change faces in Content Warning

1- Change Faces in Easy steps :

The second floor of the squad house is where players spawn. When you spawn, the face console is just on a TV to your right. Just engage with it to start transforming its appearance. Let’s go down the steps below into greater detail:

1- Approach the TV screen and hit the keyboard shortcut for Interact (E).

2- Select the color you want to use first from the options on the left.

3- Use the Backspace key on your keyboard to enter up to three characters or digits. Feel free to get creative as the game allows for a wide range of possibilities.
4- Lastly, use the zoom level and arrows to align your text.
5- Once you click “Apply,” you’re done!

2- Change Face by Registry 

1- Look it up in the Start Menu and open Registry Editor.
2- In the address bar of the Registry Editor, copy and paste the following address.
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Landfall Games\Content Warning
4- In front of it, look for the FaceText file with random text.
5- You can get bespoke faces by double-clicking it and editing the data on the left.

Here are some unique facial ideas that I thought were cute.

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