How to Open the Ominous Trial Key in Minecraft 1.21

The new menacing trials will offer a whole different combat experience in the trial chambers compared to standard trial spawners. Loot from the ominous vault, a new variation of the vault block, is the main reward of the ominous challenge. You must first obtain a mysterious trial key in Minecraft 1.21 in order to obtain it. You will discover the meaning of the mysterious trial key, where to find it, and how to utilize it in this tutorial.

What Is the Ominous Trial Key :

A unique kind of trial key is the ominous trial key. Because the key has three eerie skulls for a head, it appears much scarier than the standard version. In addition, it is the color of the fully oxidized copper rather than the trial key’s non-oxidized color.

How to Get the Ominous Trial Key

1- Obtain the Negative Omen Effect

You must first obtain the effect of the Bad Omen. To accomplish this, locate a patrol or outpost of pillagers, then use the menacing flag to kill the pillager leader. An ominous bottle will be dropped by this gang. The menacing bottle can also be found in trial chamber vaults.

2- Consume Ominous Bottle

To receive the Bad Omen status effect, you must drink the Ominous Bottle just before you encounter a trial spawner.

This effect will quickly change into Trial Omen as soon as you approach the trial spawner while using Bad Omen.

3- Ominous Trial Spawner Activated

The trial spawner will transform into a menacing trial spawner as the Trial Omen becomes activated. Compared to a typical trial spawner, this one is significantly more hazardous because the enemies will frequently be equipped, and projectiles and potion clouds will spawn above you and the other players.

The Trial Omen effect’s duration is determined by the Bad Omen level; the higher the level, the longer the duration.

4- Defeat Mobs to Get Ominous Trial Key

What, though, is the purpose of that time? For overcoming as many foreboding difficulties as you can, anyway. The menacing trial spawner will eject some goods as a reward and enter a 30-minute cooldown after you fight the creatures it summoned.

Maybe one of these things is the mysterious trial key you’ve been searching for. It has a 30% probability of being selected, so in order to obtain it, you’ll probably need to eliminate a few menacing trial spawners.

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