How to Avoid All Content Warning Monsters

In essence, Content Warning appears to be a straightforward game. To make scary videos go viral, all you need to do is record them and post them online. The videos you need to shoot are of monsters, despite the fact that you can easily obtain more views and earn more money. It’s evident that they won’t be amicable. Fortunately, there is a method to get away from them all. Nearly every creature in the game was encountered by us as we looked for potential strategies to evade their fury.


The diminutive eight-legged creature known as Spidey has a flat face and the ability to sling webs. When you step into its web, Spidey will attack you and it will slow you down. If you avoid its web and flee from it, you will be safe.


A creature from a toolkit that adores its head shaped like a whisker and charges at you. Other toolbox monsters in the game are the fan, vacuum, and hammer.
Hold steady until it engages. When it is near, step away and attempt to make it smash through a wall. It will be defeated and temporarily stunned by it. Run in that window of time.

3- Mixer Charger

Because of its charge, this towering, mixer-shaped creature is only hazardous if you stand in front of it. All you have to do to prevent it is remain out of its charge trajectory.

4- Zombie

A calm, slow snail that resembles a zombie who is just interested in tasting you. Large shell on back makes it easy to spot.
It’s easy to walk away, but stay a safe distance if they’re with others. Use the movement, jump, and crouch buttons to get away if it captures you.

5- Patrick the Death Star

This creature resembles a star lives on ceilings and waits to trap gamers with a rope. Using the Q key to toss stuff at it is the best defense against Patrick grabbing you. To charge the throw, hold down the key.

6- Gundog

A dog wandering the Old World, ready to be shot by its owner. It will shower them with bullets if it locates one.
Try avoiding its red laser light at all costs. If you are not in the line of sight, it won’t affect you.

7- Crawley

The fact that this is an uncommon creature and that it can instantly kill players upon contact is fantastic. Luckily, it’s really loud, so you can hear it a mile away. You can scare Crawley away by shining a flashlight at it because it detests light.

8- Iron Maiden

Suddenly emerging, the Weeping Iron Maiden monster snatches you or a companion and drags them inside. You remain unharmed until the countdown expires.
Within the allotted time, solve the catchya (captcha) to save your pal from this monster.

9- Shanky

A short, ghostly-looking creature with a knife. It will attack you right immediately, but it will flee if you block a few of its blows. Just be cautious because it will frequently return to assault you once more.

10- Snatcher

The worshippers of evil creep into the Old World’s exterior. They frequently ambush you by snatching individuals and hurling them towards other gamers, causing harm to both.

Snatchers move quickly and unexpectedly. To drive them away, use the lights as soon as they get close.

11- Gunhead

This robot is equipped with a machine gun that can see lasers. Avoiding red lasers is the best course of action if you want to survive because they can seriously harm you if you come into contact with them.

12- Tootsie

This enormous, terrifying foe is shaped like a humanoid and has deadly teeth. Remaining out of his direct line of sight and avoiding detection is the best course of action.

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