How to Earn Money from Content Warning

In addition to figuring out how to increase your game views, earning money is crucial to become a successful SpookTuber. Don’t worry; we’ve got the top Content Warning money-making strategies for you. Even while views and revenue are correlated, there are several strategies that can make you wealthy while also increasing views.

1- Always have your camera with you

You’d be shocked at how frequently players forget their camera back at the base, even though it may seem apparent. Naturally, this won’t produce any footage, thus your best chance of earning money will be lost. Thus, even if you’re a novice, always remember to have your camera with you.

2- Retain Just One Cameraman

If you work in the content industry, it’s possible that your pals will all want to experience the thrill of making a viral video. You may think it’s kind, but Content Warning won’t see it that way. The video can be tampered with either pausing it repeatedly or switching the camera user.
This will result in an extraction error, wiping out all of your diligent effort. Thus, in Content Warning, stick to one cameraman if you want to make money. Additionally, we will soon be releasing a remedy for the annoying extraction issue that you may face.

3- Boost the Life of the Battery

Although high-quality production garners a lot of views, nothing beats longer footage. Make sure you extend the battery life of your camera the next time you have the opportunity. In this manner, your movies will be longer and you will inherently earn more money in the game. Thus, the next time, save your money and buy a better bulb or a larger capacity battery. Recall that higher quality material brings higher revenue.

4- Use the Emotes

Variety and entertainment are the two things that the audience enjoys most. So, emote anytime the camera pans to earn those extra cash. The Content Warning shop has a large selection of emotes for purchase.

5- Make use of the voice chat feature.

The audio is your throne if content is king. For this reason, while filming films in the Old World, we advise utilizing the voice chat feature in the game. This can help you get viral and will give your content a lot more spice. Since voice chat is essentially free to use, making money with it is always profitable.

6- Continue to live

Surviving is ultimately the most important thing. Therefore, even though Content Warning’s death animations are kind of cool, you wouldn’t want them to become routine. Your recorded film will be lost if everyone in your party perishes in the Old World.
This implies that you won’t produce anything for a day. Make sure at least one member of your squad makes it through this viral nightmare.

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