Guide: How to Uninstall Valorant (two methods)

Ready to take a break from Valorant? This guide will walk you through the simple process of uninstalling the game, whether you’re looking for a fresh start or troubleshooting glitches.

Completely Remove Valorant from Your Windows PC (Easy Guide)

Step 1: Deactivate Vanguard Prior to commencing the uninstallation process, it’s crucial to deactivate the Vanguard anti-cheat software. Follow these steps:

1- Access your Windows system tray and locate the Vanguard icon, then right-click on it.

2- Choose the ‘Exit Vanguard‘ option from the context menu.

3- This will open a prompt that will ask if you want to continue. Click Yes, and it will stop the Vanguard anticheat service on your laptop or desktop.

Step 2: Remove Riot Vanguard After disabling Vanguard, proceed to uninstall this anti-cheat service. This step is crucial for uninstalling Valorant. Follow these steps to uninstall the Vanguard anti-cheat:

1- Begin by using the Windows keyboard shortcut Windows key + I to open the Settings app.

2- Then, navigate to the Apps section

3- Next, you’ll encounter the list of applications installed on your system. Find Riot Vanguard within this list.

4- Click on it, then select the Uninstall button. Follow the on-screen prompts to complete the uninstallation of the Vanguard anti-cheat.

Step 3: Complete Valorant Uninstallation Once you’ve removed the Vanguard service, proceed with uninstalling Valorant. This step involves erasing Valorant game files from your Windows PC or laptop.

1- To begin, return to the Apps list by using the Windows key + I shortcut to open the Settings app.

2- Once you’ve located Valorant in the apps list, proceed to click on the Uninstall button to eliminate Valorant from your Windows 10/11 PC .

Step 4: Eliminate Remaining Files Following step 3, restart your system and inspect for any remaining files. Here’s how:

1- Launch File Explorer. Then, click on the address bar at the top and paste the following location. Press Enter

2- This action will access the Riot Games directory. From here, delete any remaining folders. This process ensures the complete removal of Valorant from your system

If the previously mentioned methods didn’t resolve the issue and you’re wondering, ‘Why can’t I uninstall Valorant?’—often, circumstances arise where the outlined steps fail to work. This could be due to issues with Windows apps/settings or corruption in game files. In such cases, you can resort to manually uninstalling Vanguard and Valorant using Command Prompt. This process can address any lingering doubts. Before proceeding with the steps, ensure you’ve exited Vanguard from the Windows system tray.

1- To begin, press the Windows key or navigate to the Start menu. Then, type CMD, which will display the Command Prompt. Next, click on ‘Run as administrator‘ in the right pane.

2- This action will launch Command Prompt in administrator mode. Subsequently, proceed to paste the following commands individually, pressing Enter after each command

sc delete vgc
sc delete vgk

3- Afterward, reboot your system, as it’s essential to uninstall Valorant without encountering any errors. Once restarted, navigate to File Explorer. Then, proceed to the following location: C:\PROGRAM FILES\
4- From there, delete the Riot Vanguard folder. This action will effectively remove Valorant from your system.

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