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YouTube Has Added an AI Chatbot to Respond to Video-Related Queries

When it comes to coming up with innovative and practical methods to incorporate AI-powered features into its services, Google is killing it. similar to Google Keep’s “Create a list” function and, more recently, Gmail’s and Docs’ “Help me write” features. It’s YouTube’s turn now, as the video-sharing website has an AI-powered chatbot in the shape of a “Ask” button at last.

The function responds rather quickly, and the responses it offers are fairly precise. This prompts them to hypothesize that even before you utilize the function, the AI may be pre-analyzing the video. This is probably the case since if you try to play a video that isn’t entirely in English, the Ask button won’t appear.
Now, YouTube Premium subscribers in the US who are at least 18 years old may utilize this tool. Until May 1st, it may only be accessed through the YouTube app for Android. To use this experimental function, though, you must activate it in Settings. As mentioned before, it is now limited to English-language videos. Music videos are not compatible with it either.

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